New School, New Students, New Everything.

For most teachers this fall is the beginning of a new school year and thus new students to work with. However, for student teachers it is basically a new everything. In the past two weeks or so I have met over a hundred students as well as new colleague teachers and administrators. In addition, I have been learning new curriculum for this school and how the teachers here do things.

I will save you the suspense and just tell you know that I am enjoying my time so far. One student even decorated my name that was on the whiteboard and nicknamed me maroon (because I was wearing that color that day and hopefully not because she thinks I am a moron)!

mr. maroon

While it has been a lot of “new”, it has also been a lot of fun figuring out how everything works and who these students are.

So this blog will now be my reflections and thoughts from this upcoming semester which is my last before being out in the real world and having my very own classroom. Please feel free to comment about anything (including lol’s and omg’s!)

The students are wonderful! Some are funny, some are insightful, and some are quiet, but all the students have a fun personality. Each class is a little different yet they have all come to me for questions and allowed me to lead their discussions and have even laughed at my jokes (which, if you know my jokes, can be shocking). I know these classes and students are awesome, because every morning I wake up excited to go back to teach and learn concurrently with them.

Earlier this week I had my first observation by my math content professor from Grand Valley State University. It was a low key, see the classroom and environment, type of thing. Through this observation and the following discussion with my professor, we nailed down my main goals for my classes at this time. 1) To get the students more active, 2) move from teacher-centered to more student-centered activities and 3) increase my repertoire of small group activities that I am comfortable with.

So far, I have an idea of where I want to go with goals 1 and 2 since they can both be solved by picking activities that get the students moving but also get them centered on doing the math themselves as well as teaching/talking about the math process. I have already tried one activity this week and I plan to try some more this upcoming week. I will definitely need to reflect on how each activity goes so keep your eyes open!!


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