Technology Symposium

On March 19th I attended a symposium about teaching and learning with technology. At this symposium I talked with many presenters, one of my favorites was with Szymon Machajewski about an app he helped create called “Library Quest”.

With this app they made quests for people to work through with different objectives such as finding a section of the library, or a certain resource. Below is a picture of the app where the user can select which quest he/she would like to do. There are only three on this one, but notice the point system for each quest for easy formative assessing and easy student friendly self assessment.


The app utilized all floors of the library and was interactive. Questions varied from multiple choices to short essay. You could even display images if we wanted to make a question with a math figure of some sort. I talked with Machajewski about how this app can be used in my future classroom. We came to the conclusion that this would be a great tool for reviewing topics, giving out individual assignments, and differentiating instruction.

Through this app I could make my own “math quests” on all different math subjects and at different difficulty levels. Making this quests and getting the students access to them would allow students to work through assignments, or have quests for extra practice. I could also assign quest 1 for certain lower achieving students, quest 2 for average students, and quest 3 for advanced students allowing all students to be challenged in their zone of proximal development.

This app also gives students a choice of what quest they will complete. Choice is a great motivator and I feel this is a big advantage for this app. Similarly, when reviewing topics before a test I can make a quest for each of the main ideas that we have been working on. Then students can choose which main ideas they want to do a quest for, thus allowing them to review the topic they feel they need to review. Very useful app to get all students working on exactly the topic they need more work in.

If you are interested and want to read more, here is an article about Library Quest App at the GVSU Library.


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