My very own unit!

This past week I began taking a much more involved role in teaching the 1st period at my placement. Now starting on Monday I will be taking the full leadership role! This is a big step and a scary one but I am determined to either succeed at making learning occur. Or at least learn from some mistakes and be able to make learning occur the next time. I will be leading this 1st period for the next several weeks and will try to post here throughout the whole experience.

I have two goals for the next few weeks. One is to get all the students in the class involved in the lesson. This is particularly important since I have seen many students who have given up trying to learn math or have been discouraged by peers and teachers. If I can get these students to become engaged again, then I have made a difference. My second goal is to find what classroom procedures work for me. There are so many that can be used whether it is how to formatively assess, or how to manage the classroom. But I need to find which ones work with me and which will work with my students.

If you guys have any tips for my first week, please comment to this post and help me out!


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